Already more than 100.000 people from all over the world have had great experiences with our activities. On this page you can see a selection of them and what big and small organisations have to say about it.


Our team building activities have international appeal and are available in several languages. Many multinationals preceded you and were wildly enthusiastic about the experience their employers had with us. 

Activities per company

Our clients are glad to return! More than half of the clients play more than one of The Box Company's team building games.

Done the game with 50 colleagues. Great add for a Virtual away day. 75 minutes fits easy in half or a full day. On top you need to work together therefore nice team building. You do need to like using your brains...;)

I thought this was amazing, I love a challenge, and having loads to do in my team together was just so much fun. It was well thought out, well designed and well implemented! Couldn't have asked for a better team builder!

We worked with Remote Team Building Game for a Virtual Game for 55 people. It was amazing. Challenging but with a focus on teamwork.

We did an Online Team Building Experience for 50 persons. The result was a very professional, fast and seamless organization, while the event itself was great fun. The full team really liked the set-up.

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government agencies


Our team building activities are very suitable for governments at all levels. We have had very good experiences with municipalities, provinces and national government agencies.

The CJIB would like to thank you! We have played this game online with several teams. The questions were well put together, quite challenging too. We laughed a lot and played fanatical. In short: A great game.

The activities of The Box Company are really recommended to play with your team! The assignments are surprising, diverse and really challenging to work together! A super fun experience. We had a great time together!

Played the Remote Team Building Game. The participants had received an envelope in advance with all kinds of images and objects so that the anticipation could start. The participants enjoyed the game and the support was top notch!

We were extremely satisfied! The activity is a lot of fun and is highly recommended. Contact with the company was very smooth and friendly. They think along very well and make every effort to adjust the whole to your wishes. To be repeated!!

Corporates and SMEs

Also with Corporates and SMEs team building activities have been a great success. Besides the uncomplicated fun you’ll be having with your team, you will get to know each other and there are many lessons to be learned from coming up with creative solutions together under the pressure of time.

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The event was really good and the participants really liked the game a lot. We had a lot of fun during the game and after we all came together (virtually). Successful event and I would highly recommend do this.

What an amazing game to play remotely with our team. Challenging puzzles and a nice way to reconnect. We really had a lot of fun playing this game! On top the team is accessible and always happy to help!

We wanted to do a fun team building. With the help of Remote Team Building we certainly succeeded! What a fun game and what a laugh we had! Nice assignments, well put together and the competition between teams also made it exciting!

Only received super nice reactions from colleagues. It was challenging and great fun doing this together. The contact with Remote Team Building Game also went very well, very flexible and enthusiastic. In short, definitely recommended!

Our clients